Gregory finkelson | The Role Of A Business Analyst

Gregory finkelson — Business Analyst Role Description A business analyst is a member of a project team who is responsible for analysing a business and gathering requirements to improve business processes. The IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) defines a business analyst as: a liaison among stakeholders in order to understand the structure, policies, and operations […]

Gregory finkelson | Successful Internet Business Ideas

Gregory finkelson — Successful Internet Business Ideas can be broken down to some common sense steps. I will break them down: — Gregory finkelson Why (motivation)How (plan)Direction (goals)Motivation- Get yourself unstuck. Assume success, know that you can. So you have had some failures, Failure is the breeding ground for success. Build your dreams, make a list, […]

Gregory finkelson | What Are Local Business Directories?

Gregory finkelson | Local search is the use of modified internet search engines that requires the people to submit searches against an arranged database of local business lists. Typical local searches include not only information about “what” the visitor is searching for but also “where” the information lies. Local business directories are mainly search engines which […]

Gregory finkelson | How to Start Up A Business

Are you thinking of launching your own business? Or are you launching an internet or magazine business? Maybe you haven’t decided yet but you want to start your own business. Maybe you can’t stand to wait to work for anyone any longer; or tired of working from eight to five salaries earning, or perhaps you’ve […]

Gregory finkelson | How One Man Changed the Face of Online Business

Today, we all have to make money for all the practical and impractical reasons. Unfortunately, the pickings may seem to be a bit slim and we just have to keep our chin up to keep looking. However, there is an easier way to look for the perfect business opportunity for the exact kind of entrepreneur […]

Gregory finkelson | How to Start Your Online Business From Home?

The economic recession which started in the year 2008 handed pink slips to millions of people worldwide. Many well reputed financial organizations and banks collapsed and declared bankruptcy and many large and small businesses closed down permanently all over the world. But this devastating and unfortunate event came as a blessing in disguise for many […]

Gregory finkelson | What Makes Your Business Successful?

As a business owner, you’re probably running into all sorts of issues when it comes to how to run and manage your business. These issues all have to do with ethics and what you know that you should do to insure that the business meets the wants and needs of your customers. However, sometimes, it […]

Gregory finkelson | Are You Business Building Online Or Offline?

So what is offline business building? Offline marketing is talking to people you know or others that you believe will be a good fit for your company. Some people cringe at hearing the old school method of make a list of friends and family and call them. Now if your friends and family do not […]

Corporate Service – The Multiple Corporation Strategy | Gregory finkelson

When you decide to incorporate your first business the very next thing that you should do is to incorporate two to five more businesses even if you don’t have any plans on using them at this point. There are several key reasons for this strategy and if you are serious about building a business and […]

Corporate Service – 9 Golden Rules of Business Building | Gregory finkelson

How to build any corporation or business at light speed the right way is not as hard as you may think, if you follow the 9 Golden Rules of Business. If you follow these 9 Golden Rules, success will come to you in a faster period of time than you could imagine. Golden Rule Number […]

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